About Xpand

Xpand is a software company based between Belfast, Edinburgh and Dublin; building analytics and workflow tools designed to manage local and national economic development programmes.

Supporting business case development and the tracking of financial and non-financial impacts of investment.

As a growing business , we understand the challenges faced by businesses and programme managers. Out of date reports, coupled with confusing data from multiple sources can make data seem overwhelming. Our products are designed to streamline and simplify the use of data allowing businesses to make informed choices based on up-to the-minute intelligence and trends. Xpand Access and Xpand Insights can be used separately but have also been designed to interlock and work together, enhancing the capabilities of each.

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Xpand Access is your personal business application to help your business make the most of the support available to you.
Providing a constant feed of funding, events and market analysis needed to grow and scale your business ideas.
Helping you understand your competitors, customers and supply chain.

Simplicity by design, Privacy by design.


Xpand Insights helps both businesses and organisations make fast-paced decisions, manage clients and generate high-end visualisations relating to their target markets. It simple and streamlined, and works with a swipe of your smartphone.