Xpand Access +

Xpand Access + (Benefits of Membership)  

Subscribing members continue to receive updated information relevant to their business every fortnight.  
Xpand Access+ provides local, regional, sectoral and international data relevant to your businesses international aspirations.

Receive Regular Reports Relevant To Your Business


  • Best and Worst performing businesses in each market
  • Feedback from customers about each of these businesses
  • Profiles for business decision makers
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Rate of business closure in each area  


  • Business Visibility Reports - Business visibility on promotion and directory platforms
  • Business Activity Level Report - Level of business historic and current business promotion
  • Email Marketing Campaigns - Reach out and measure the responsiveness of your targeted business sector
  • Market Access Reports - Generate up to date information about the markets that you are interested in exploring
  • Budget / Financial Data - Rank businesses by their ability to afford your services
  • Business Relevance / Popularity Report - Filter businesses based on relevance and popularity
  • Relevant Contacts & Individuals - Identify the relevant contacts to your business 
  • Competitor Analysis - Identify the main local and national competitors in each region
  • Customer Profiles - Carry out research against your customer profiles on an international level


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Every 2 weeks subscribers receive further information about new regions and key business information as it is discovered. 

Identify High Performing Businesses

  • New Businesses
  • Well ranked and rated businesses
  • Top performing businesses
  • Positive Financial Backgrounds

Highlight Poor Performing Businesses

  • Closing businesses
  • Negative Reviews
  • Inactive Social Media Accounts
  • Poor Financial Reports
  • Receive Market Updates 


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Take Action on Opportunities


Contact International Sales Leads when your Team is Available

  • Stop your business thinking in 9 - 5
  • Schedule when your sales team should target international sales and build up your sales lead pipeline.
  • Chase sales at any time and find the best times to schedule sales calls into new ares.  
  • Generate a relevant list of leads based on the availability and timezone of your customer.
  • Skype Integration to identify and contact customers in other regions using international calling plans.


Register Your Business Across Relevant Directories and Platforms

  • Discover the international visibility of your business
  • Help listing your business on relevant international directories
  • Increase your business profile within each region
  • Regularly check and take action to improve your business visibility within each area
  • Find relevant applications to engage with


Use Partners to Support Entering New Markets

  • Connect to our local and international teams to help support your business achieve your goals.
  • Access to over 600+ international providers including preferential rates
  • Connects your business to the most relevant service providers.
  • Use Xpand Access to outsource elements of your market entry
  • Reduce the stress, time and cost to enter each market and secure initial sales
  • Identify talent availability and expectations in each area


Generate reports to help secure funding

  • Collate the data needed to help secure funding
  • Generate market valuation reports based on market size and average sales
  • Identify relevant costs and average costs of operation
  • Identify costs incurred with market exploration to include with funding
  • Show a deeper understanding of the areas that you are looking to explore


Generate Marketing Campaigns

  • Supporting tools to generate targeted marketing campaigns
  • Partner with design firms and copy firms to generate high quality initial enquiries
  • Use pre approved templates to generate initial enquiry emails
  • Measure the responsiveness of each campaign
  • Improve conversion rates compared to cold calling
  • Merge relevant information into each email
  • Work with your existing mail merge tools
  • Secure relevant contact details and speak to the right person


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