Training & Development

Xpand Academy : International Business Development Education

Training to upskill and cross train staff to be able to assist in securing international opportunities.
Working in partnership with Further and Higher Education providers (colleges, universities and international support organisations);  Xpand International curates online learning materials,  e-Learning courses and connects businesses to accredited courses surrounding international trade and business development.    

Educational Platforms 

Training and Development available via  : - 

  • Online Delivery / eLearning
  • Classroom Based Learning
  • Blended Learning 
  • International Seminars and Workshops

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Xpand Academy will provide businesses and individuals with Access to training providers on subjects including : - 

  • Legal Requirements For International Operation
  • International Finance
  • Taxation for Products
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Building and maintaining international relationships
  • Partnerships and Agreements
  • International Travel / Visa’s
  • Employment, Contracting and Building International Teams

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Become a Learning Provider

Submitting details about your online,  offline and blended learning courses could not be simpler and best of all is FREE of charge!  Any Learning Provider interested in promoting courses focused on international business development to a motivated local and global audience should get in contact.  

To find out more information,  complete our online form indicating : - 

  • Which courses your organisation provides
  • The method of delivery
  • Where this information is listed on your website
  • A dedicated contact point for ensuring that this information is up to date


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UK - +44(0)20 323 97263 

USA - +1(657) 999-7263 

IRE - +353(76)602 7263