For Development Organisations

Foreign Direct Investment

Receive Foreign Direct Investment Enquiries from over 600 cities

Xpand Access supports businesses from over 32 countries identify the best regions for their business;  allowing them to connect to relevant support organisations in each identified area.  Regional Business Development Organisations and Economic Offices are invited to supply additional local economic information in order to improve the accuracy and level of available data that businesses use to inform decisions about where they should explore expanding.

Businesses are able to identify and compare the best international expansion opportunities for their business using : - 

  • Market Size
  • Local Talent Pools
  • Business support programmes
  • Population Demographics
  • Available Funding
  • Costs of operation and exploration

Enquiries are routed via : -

  • Dedicated Staff Contacts
  • Online Form Submissions
  • Online Secure Portal
  • Contact Centre

International Businesses can be encouraged to attend during certain periods by promoting specific events,  workshops and conferences.
Xpand Access provides information about the average costs involved when expanding, relocating and exploring each region. 



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International Trade

Xpand Access helps business development organisation clients automatically generate international opportunities and reports required for funding by providing subscriptions to their clients.

Each month subscribed businesses will receive new information relevant to helping them secure international opportunities and exploring international markets,  with supporting Xpand Academy content - businesses are able to take the next steps in growXing their business.  

  • Encourage client businesses to think on an international level.
  • Help businesses identify international opportunities and which areas will provide the best return for their investment
  • Facilitate international connections and encourage bi directional trade on an international level
  • Help businesses plan trade missions and business expansion by helping to identify the costs of trading in new areas and exploring international opportunities.
  • Create and target business support programmes and trade missions based on the demand and the suitability for the businesses in your networks.
  • Identify, track and support the businesses within your community taking efforts to explore international opportunities. 



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Innovation / R&D

Connecting businesses to research and development resources and encouraging innovation through collaboration and participation on programmes.  Providing connections to the Research and Development communities,  teams and workshops;  helping businesses to take their ideas forward and develop them on an international level.

Promoting the benefits of international and academic collaboration;  Encourage Research & Development,  International Collaboration and Innovative action by your local businesses.

Extend Your Programmes Through Supporting Organisations 

Provide other organisations within your area with the capability to provide and extend your programme offerings through their organisation.
Xpand Access provides development organisations with the capability to signpost clients to the best local, regional, sectoral and international options. 



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Generate International Enquiries

Generate international enquiries on a local level

Xpand Access is made available to over 600 major cities via key economic development offices, helping businesses to identify the next areas that they should be exploring to expand their business.    

When a business expresses interest in a region that is relevant to an organisation it is eligible to work with,  Xpand Access facilitates connections to the relevant organisations in these new areas.  Organisations receive enquiries for programmes and registration through a dedicated email address or via the Xpand web portal working to support each development organisation's procedures.

  • Receive signposting enquiries from organisations providing business support on a local and international level.  
  • Keeping international organisations notified about the availability of different programmes when supporting clients.
  • Release updated materials and provide accurate information about your business support programmes in minutes.

Promote your programmes,  events and funding to an international audience through local support agencies and other business support networks.



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Help Support Your Clients

Empowering Local Business Advisors - Supporting individual consultants through to organisations with multiple representatives around the world.

Support business advisors,  consultants and networking groups on a local level provide relevant international expansion guidance by using the Xpand Access tool with your local business community.

Our tool supports business development consultants around the world with the collective knowledge of global opportunities.  Allow advisors and business owners to understand, visualise and evaluate the scale and cost of exploring international opportunities relevant to each individual business.

Provide your teams with the tools and information to offer the best opportunities that the world has to offer to your clients.  Improve the experience and consistency of the information provided across all teams.

Reports for Clients

Find out how your organisation can provide your clients with access to the information needed to explore international markets.
Help your clients discover the size of international markets and the organisations that they should be reaching out to - in order to get the best for their business.

Promote growth for your local business community



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Encourage International Development

Encouraging Export 

Xpand Access provides information about the best international opportunities,  comparing over 800 regions around the world covering over 500 business sectors for B2B and B2C markets.  Our tools and data encourages businesses to start making enquiries and investigate ways of engaging and addressing each market suited to their business.

Once the appropriate markets have been identified,  businesses get the option to start receiving information / making enquiries to relevant support organisations in minutes.

Creating and Connecting Global Teams 

Make use of the capabilities of Xpand Access by creating promotional campaigns within your organisation,  target eligible candidates for your programmes using a professional targeted approach.    

Identify businesses that are a best fit for the programmes that you provide - engage and actively promote your business support programmes and services to the right local and international audiences.



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