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 Complete these Simple Steps and discover the best areas for your business  


Complete Details About Your Business

Enter details about your business including : -   

  • Your business sector
  • Where you currently operate
  • The types of relationships you are looking to explore
  • What is important to your business

Start discovering information about the best markets that your business should be exploring within minutes.

Xpand for Business Advisors

Consultants and Business Support Services looking to support other businesses should consider exploring Xpand for Support Organisations.
Receive additional searches - allowing you to track relevant information about the businesses that your organisation supports.

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Create Customer and Stakeholder Profiles

  • Create profiles of the businesses and consumers that you would like to compare on an international level.
  • Xpand Access searches against these profiles to identify the best areas in the world to build your networks and grow your business.
  • Receive an overview of the global opportunities based on the size of these markets.
  • Xpand access is able to compare and track global markets based on these profiles.  

Build Relationships with Businesses
Create profiles of the different businesses which you are trying to target and the types of relationship you are trying to build
(Customers,  Suppliers,  Re-sellers,  Partners,  Competitors) 

Target Consumers
Create profiles of the types of consumer that you are looking to target and the interests that they hold.

Business Category Unavailable?
If you would like to search against a category which isn't on our application - complete our change request form and we will let you know how long it would take to process this request.

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Discover The Best Regions For Your Business

Whether you are looking to manufacture,  sell,  source products / talent,  seek funding, outsource or relocate - select the metrics for your business to identify the best areas that you should be exploring.
Once you have identified what is important to your business and the types of relationship that you are looking to build,  you will discover the best regions for you business.

You are able to filter and score the best areas for your business based on : - 

  • B2B / B2C
  • Talent Pool Available
  • Cost of Operation
  • Size of Opportunity
  • Cost of Exploration
  • International Support Available
  • Funding and Finance
  • Employment and Freelance costs

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Discover the Cost of Trading Internationally

Discover the comparative costs associated with trading and exploring each of the international markets which suit your business.
Calculate the costs involved whether you are interested in migrating your business, operating in international markets, establishing a presence in a new area, securing sales or carry out market validation.
Budget and build a business case when looking to explore each market. 

Operating Costs

Compare the average costs associated to operating in each of the areas that you are interested in exploring including : - 
Recruitment Costs, Contractor Rates, Rent and Rates, Tax and Finance, Utilities, Business Registration Costs, Legal and Financial Costs

Travel Costs

Discover the average cost of traveling and exploring each of the areas,  connect to business travel friendly locations and services.  
Flights, Trains, Car Rental, Hotels, Events, Working Spaces, Personal Assistants


If you are looking to establish your business in a new area or are looking to identify new suppliers.
Explore the cost of the materials needed to establish your business and suppliers within each area.
Raw Materials,  Water,  Oil, Fuel,  Gas,  Electricity,  Servers and Infrastructure,  Internet and Data,  Graduates and Available Talent,  Practicing and Registered Professionals

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Once you have identified the best areas for your business you will be provided with the opportunity to connect to the organisations and best international partners suited for your business. 

Business Support Organisations

Find Information About : -

  • Funding and Grants
  • Programmes and Business Support
  • Advice and Guidance
  • Events and Training

Providing businesses the opportunity to connect to: -

Local Business Support Services
Find information relevant to where your business is based and the areas that you are interested in exploring; including networking groups,  support organisations,  specialised consultants and local service providers relevant to your goals.

Regional Support Services
Find programmes relevant to your business area and learn how to engage with wider economic services.  This includes European, County or Geographic based support services on a larger level.

Sectoral Programmes
Find programmes across the globe specialising in the sectors that your business is focusing on.

International Organisations
Find the organisations that will help you connect with the countries and services that you are trying to target.  Find local networks and organisations focused on building cross border relationships in both regions.

Providing businesses access to  : - 

  • Training about International Business Development
  • Identify Relevant Networking Groups, Events and Conferences
  • Explore Exporting Opportunities
  • Access Local and International Funding Opportunities
  • Relevant events and networking groups



International Service Partners

Connect to international delivery partners operating the the areas you are looking to explore to help develop your business.  
Partners on our framework operate under an SLA which ensures that they have been validated to make sure that they are able to provide the right level of service for your business. 

Qualifying partners typically -

  • Operate between both areas
  • Have offices in both locations
  • Operate support and respond during both timezones
  • Ensure international support services are in place when working with clients remotely
  • Speak the required languages between each zone


Managed & Professional Service Providers on the Xpand Framework include : - 

  • Translation Services
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Employee Assistance Programmes
  • International Lawyers
  • Real Estate Services
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Taxation and Financial Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Office Design and Relocation Service
  • Recruitment Services
  • PA and Administration Services
  • Transportation and Distribution

Interested in joining the Xpand Access international provider framework?

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