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Understand the size of markets relevant to each business - Estimate the costs and time involved in connecting to customers in new areas.

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Connect to funding, mentoring, guidance and networking events relevant to each business.

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Receive a free report in minutes highlighting the best route to market.

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Access helps businesses find and evaluate opportunities: seamlessly delivered in an easy-to-use interface.

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Increase speed and performance by compressing core template CSS and Javascript files to much smaller sizes than the original! Enabling compression is a great way to boost your site's performance. It simply combines css and js into consolidated files. This reduces the downloads sizes and reduces the numbers of calls to your server, to dramatically help your site's overall performance. No data is lost during this process, just simply made smaller. Please note that this compression will only compress core template files, not third party files or files from extensions.

Note: Because this feature uses cached versions of your javascript and css this plugin should not be used while developing your site and should only be enabled after you have completed your site.

Gzip must be installed on your server and enabled in PHP in order to function.

Without Compression Enabled:

With Compression Enabled:

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Access for you...

Xpand Access is your personal business application to help your business make the most of the support available to you.
Providing a constant feed of funding, events and market analysis needed to grow and scale your business ideas.
Helping you understand your competitors, customers and supply chain.
Simplicity by design, Privacy by design.

Simplicity by design, Privacy by design.

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  • man1

    This software will enable Dublin City Council to capture and disseminate economic data on the city in real time, providing accurate and timely evidence to inform decision making for both policy makers and potential investors.

    Steven O'Gara
  • man2

    Over the next few years, Belfast will be involved in an ambitious number of digital innovation projects as part of our Smart Cities programme....We’re excited to be working with Xpand and industry to find new and innovative ways to deliver our goals.

    Peter Johnston

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