Xpand secure support from Invest NI

In October 2017 Xpand Group secured support from Invest NI under the new to R&D programme to develop a solution to combine and update data sources for the purpose of growing local economies. The project will run until late 2018 working with focus groups, consisting of some of the best Economic Development Advisers across Northern Ireland. Having completed multiple software projects since 2015, The Xpand team are pleased to announce they are redirecting their efforts from developing software for other companies to building tools focused on helping to grow Urban Economies.

The team has been decided to focus on the problem of how to help companies make data driven decisions due to the uncertainty surrounding the global economy.

Companies can spend a lot of time, money and resources to keep this information up to date. Xpand would like to simplify this process through their latest project!

This R&D project funded through the EU new to R&D grant; Focuses on applying Innovation in data processing infrastructure to develop data tools to make data driven decisions easier. Data security, integrity and continuous updates are at the heart of the Xpand Insights. This product is being built for the decision makers within teams.

When the research for this project began in 2015, the Brexit referendum had not happened and Barack Obama was in office; since then things have been changing at a rapid pace and live tracking of issues and data is becoming more important in order to support businesses through economic uncertainty.

The project has already secured multiple pilots and welcomes enquiries from anyone wishing to trial the new techniques from August.
The results of this project aims to help Local Authorities within the UK & Europe better understand the trends and developments within the areas that they support.

James Gumble, Co-Founder and CEO "`We are excited to be able to bring together the research we have carried out over the last 3 years - this is something that we have been working on the concept for a while, having spoken to over 300 organisations about how they need to be supported we hope that this will help to support thousands of businesses increase their revenue and grow their local economies in the years to come. We have an exciting 5 year product roadmap which we can't wait to get started on and will release details as they become available."

Dr. Gary McCauseland "This is an awesome project - due to reasons relating to my PHD in innovation ecosystems."